Spring Dumpster Day

The Association has scheduled the spring dumpster day for Saturday, May 18, 2024. Drop off will begin at 6:00 AM and will end by 1:00 PM (unless the container is filled and has to be removed sooner). The dumpster will be placed on the far end of the clubhouse parking lot.

To prevent abuse of this accommodation, various procedures will be in place. We ask that you cooperate with these measures so we can continue with this program. There are a number of steps that we will be taking but of greatest significance will be staff monitoring while the containers are on site.

The role of the monitors will be to catch non-residents attempting to dump at Timber Oak, prevent dumping on the ground and not in the containers and to prevent inappropriate materials from being dumped (such as construction project materials and hazardous substances).

Once all the dumpsters are filled, the program will be stopped and the containers will be removed. There will be a total of 3 dumpsters. 

Items not allowed include - hazardous wastes (gasoline, oil, propane, paints, Freon, etc...), construction debris, AC units, car tires, brush and tree stumps, rocks, cement, and car batteries. If you are going to dump lawn mowers or other such equipment, they must be drained of all fuel and oil.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica at jdidomenico@rei-pm.net. 

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